Example 6: Control of concrete cracking: Estimate the stress at reinforcement (Serviceability Limit State) considering concrete tensile strength and using a parabolic concrete curve

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Data for Cross Section Analysis & Design application

We will modify the file created in Example 5 in order to re-estimate the reinforcement stresses, but considering the concrete tensile strength and using a Parabolic-Constant concrete curve for compression. In this way we can control the cracking effect of concrete.

Load cases

As defined in Example 5.

Solution with Cross Section Analysis & Design

Opening a file from disk

First of all we click on the File menu and select Open in order to open the file we created in Example 5.

Unlock the model

Afterwards, if the model is locked, we click on Edit -> Unlock model, in order to modify the geometry of the cross section.

Unlocking the model to enable editing

In the popup window, we choose Yes to unlock the model.

Unlock model confirmation

Review of Analysis Parameters

We need to modify the previously created Analysis Parameters set “SLS” by clicking Analysis -> Analysis Parameters and selecting “SLS” from the list at the top left corner.

Next, we select a Parabolic-Linear stress strain curve for compressive parts of concrete. Finally, in order to consider the tensile concrete strength, we select the “Linear and Drop to Zero” option in the tensile concrete data, as shown in the form below.

Specifying parabolic-linear stress strain curve for concrete

Definition of load cases

The load cases do not need to be changed.

Carry out the analysis

We just click Analysis -> Deformed configuration -> Analyze, to perform the analysis.


Similarly to Example 5, the results can be obtained from the Analysis -> Deformed configuration -> Show results menu item.

Reporting of reinforcement forces, maximum developed stresses, neutral axis information etc.

We notice that the stress at rebars 1 to 4 (bottom layer rebars) is now 208.39 MPa for load case “lc 1”.

Watch the video of this example


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