Software development for structural analysis and structural design

Software development for structural analysis and structural design

Reliable and robust structural software development

We can develop your software for engineering use

Among its other activities, ENGISSOL Ltd. can also undertake the development of new applications or solving engines (libraries) in every field of structural engineering. Because of our experience in the sections of analysis and design application development, you can efficiently increase your productivity, efficiency and profitability in many ways. Therefore, we can help your organization boost productivity and profitability.

Apart from developing custom applications from scratch, we can extend the capabilities of our existing software to fully conform to our client’s specifications.

You can contact us in order to request a quote for a specific project. After providing us with sufficient information, you will receive a quote containing the estimated project duration. The quote is free and you are under no obligation.

We will assist you in designing your project to meet your specifications, and to comply with the user interface guidelines of the platform it will be running on.

We will develop your software to the highest professional standards using best practice methods; giving you enhanced reliability, reduced reliance on the developer (us!) and quicker, lower cost maintenance. Many software companies give a good talk but then take shortcuts with the development, especially if this is not obvious to the client.

We also like to fully involve our clients in the development process. Regular updates will be sent to you and you will be encouraged to provide feedback on these and to talk to our designers and programmers as your application is developed. This allows you to influence the design of your system as it is being written as well as letting you check that we are on target to deliver the system that you are expecting on the date that you are expecting it.

Once your application has been delivered we offer full back-up and support services to help keep you running smoothly after your project has been completed.

In a nutshell, we offer good value for money. We aim to deliver high quality, robust, professional solutions to you and therefore we do not cut corners.

Why should you use our services?

Knowledge and experience in any field of civil and structural engineering

Our experienced team of engineers and developers is familiar with finite element analysis, various structural codes and the latest development technologies. In brief, our experts can offer you reliable and technologically advanced solutions in the following sections:


  • Linear finite element analysis
  • Static analysis of first order
  • Modal analysis
  • Linear dynamic analysis (Response spectrum analysis, Time history analysis, etc)
  • Non linear finite element analysis
  • Materially non linear analysis (elastoplastic analysis, push-over analysis, etc)
  • Geometrically non linear analysis
  • Buckling analysis
  • Non linear time history analysis
  • Cross sectional analysis
  • Moment curvature curve generation
  • Ultimate strength estimation of composite sections under biaxial loading
  • Cracking analysis
  • Structural optimization methods
  • Simple methods (steepest decent method, Newton method etc) oriented to structural problems
  • Global optimizing methods (Genetic algorithms, Neural network optimization etc) oriented to structural problems


  • Check/Design algorithms for steel, concrete and wood, according to structural regulations, for example Eurocodes, DIN codes, ACE, AISC and more.
  • Custom design algorithms according to your needs
Unique service

Our company has many years of experience in structural engineering and the software developing technology in general, so that we can provide you with a unique type of high standard service.

Reliable service

We have developed many commercial civil and structural engineering programs for universities, individuals and third party companies from all over the world, that are all being used successfully worldwide.

High quality

We use high standard quality control methods. Our experts test and debug our products thoroughly before their final release in order to make sure that our products are stable and bug free.

Cost effectiveness

We are familiar with the latest developments in information technology, consequently, we can offer you cost effective solutions regarding your company’s needs and expectations.

Boost your productivity

We can provide you with software solutions and offer you the tools that are capable of boosting your productivity and profitability.

Have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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