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Libraries for structural analysis and design

Use effectively our know-how by integrating our engines for structural analysis and design in your software programs

Software Library for structural analysis of 3D Frames and Shells with the Finite Element Method

Software Library for structural analysis of 3D Frames and Shells with the Finite Element Method

3D Frame Analysis Library performs advanced linear and non-linear analysis of structures in 3D space (frames and shells) and calculates all internal forces (axial, shear force diagrams, bending moment diagrams), displacements, rotations, support reactions etc. The software library can be directly used from Visual Studio, so that the structural analysis can take place immediately without the need of intermediate files.

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Software Libraries for structural design of steel, concrete and timber structures

Software Libraries for structural design of steel, concrete and timber structures

Apart from Structural Analysis libraries, ENGISSOL Ltd. also specializes in the development of design libraries (SDKs) that can be used to check/design the structural members elements acoording to the provisions of specific structural codes. Design libraries together with Analysis libraries can form a complete structural software toolkit. The supported regulations include a great variety of major codes. 

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Software development for structural analysis and structural design

Software development for structural analysis and structural design

Among its other activities, ENGISSOL Ltd. also undertakes the development of new applications or solving engines (libraries, SDKs) in every field of structural engineering. Thanks to our experience in the sections of analysis and design application development, we at ENGISSOL Ltd. can help you efficiently to increase your productivity and profitability regarding structural software development.

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We offer all our solvers to individual developers, software companies, universities etc. In this way, our powerful software engines can be easily adapted and integrated to third party applications enabling our customers to take advantage of the reliability and robustness of our algorithms which have been proven accurate in use from numerous professional individuals or companies from all over the world. The sections that our libraries cover are related to structural Analysis and Design. Analysis is performed by using finite element methods according to the specific needs of the current projects in order to calculate the stress state of a structure after the application of the specified loads. Moreover, the Design section concerns the dimensioning of the structural members according to a regulation (for instance Eurocodes, ACI, AISC, DIN, BS etc) so that they can safely carry the previously specified loads by the analysis. ENGISSOL Ltd.’s libraries can be easily integrated and work together, since total compatibility is ensured. For instance, an analysis library of ENGISSOL Ltd. that uses non linear features can be integrated to a design library that performs checks according to Eurocode, so that both sections (Analysis and Design) are considered together.

Benefits using our libraries

We at EngiSSOL Ltd., as members of a leading company in structural engineering programming, want to encourage other structural software developing companies to benefit from our work by saving time and effort, since there is no need to develop difficult and complicated analysis and design algorithms. The only need is just to create an interface that will communicate with our programming libraries which can be in any convenient form, such as dll or exe files. It has to be noticed that our source code can also be sold under a specific license agreement. Consequently, the interesting third party company will take advantage of our reliability and quality of our algorithm standards, thus it will be possible to further modify our source code in order to meet its demands. Therefore, besides of time and cost saving, the software developing company will be able to invest in other sections, for example creating a nice interface etc. Another major benefit is the low cost of our libraries.

Developing methods

Our policy is to move on into current software developing methods, thus we only use optimized, full object-oriented programming methods for our algorithms and make great effort to update them with the most modern programming techniques. Old languages such as Fortran are not used, since we decided to create fresh and clean projects from scratch, a fact that ensures flexibility and better command especially from a third developer. In order to achieve these, we use the Microsoft .NET Framework platform. Hence, our products meet the needs of today's applications, regardless of the platforms or languages in use. The .NET Framework enables to quickly build and deploy applications in any programming language with a consistent and simplified programming model. The execution on many platforms, the integration and the code reuse is now possible and easier than ever. But in any case we will provide you with comprehensive support on the integration and adaption of our libraries.

Terms and conditions

In brief, our libraries, once purchased can be further resold under the circumstance that they are part of a third party application. According to our policy, our libraries are distributed by one-time-cost without any additional charge and without regard to the number of final products sold by the third party company. The complete end user license agreement can be found here.

Support and upgrades

Technical support and upgrades are both offered for free to our customers. Moreover, complete examples and instructions are provided on the integration of our libraries to a third party application. The Software Development Kit (SDK) includes also references about scientific background of the libraries, complete documentation, primer code examples and technical notes. If the library implements provisions of structural design codes, e.g. Eurocodes, AISC, ACI, UBC etc., the codes are also offered without extra charge.


We can proceed to further modification or customization of our libraries in order to fully meet your demands. More information can be found in the relevant section here.

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