Software for structural analysis of 2D frames, trusses and beams

ENGISSOL Ltd.’s 2D Frame Analysis software package has been synonymous with state-of-the-art analysis of general and arbitrary frames and trusses in 2d space since its introduction over 12 years ago. Its user interface which is proven very sophisticated, intuitive and versatile is powered by a modern analysis engine which allows fast calculations and produces reliable analysis results. From its easy graphical modeling environment to the wide variety of analysis options, 2D Frame Analysis package has proven to be the most integrated, productive and practical general purpose structural program for static and dynamic analysis of 2d frames or trusses. 2D Frame Analysis package has been designed to be very easy and fast in its use. Therefore, the user can conveniently take advantage of a great variety of features that are shown below in brief. Steel section and predefined materials list updated, major interface improvements, creation of completed professional looking calculation report, stress calculation added, all major measure units added.

Easy, full GUI, pre and post proccessing, all in the same environment

Software tool for Static Analysis of 2D trusses. Software for Static Analysis of trusses.

2D Truss Analysis-Static Edition

Software application for the analysis of 2D Trusses. It features a powerful finite element solver to analyze trusses consisting of elements with rotational releases at their both ends. The deformed configuration under external loads is calculated and the axial force diagram of the structure provided by the user is represented. The creation of the model is an easy and quick task as the user can take advantage of the intelligent user interface of the software. Its versatile graphical user interface, the predifend libraries of cross sections and many other available features can save you time and effort.

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Software tool for Static Analysis of 2D frames, portal frames, trusses, grillages and beams. Structural Analysis Software.

2D Frame Analysis-Static Edition

Software application for the static analysis of any kind of frame or truss. Comprehensive, multi-parametric, inspectional user interface. Rapid model creation with its easy user interface that supports grid and snap capabilities. Both joint and element loads are supported. Releases can be applied to any degree of freedom at the starting or the ending location of an element. Axial/shear force and bending moment diagrams are produced automatically. Nodal displacements, internal forces and deformed configuration are represented professionally. A calculation report is produced automatically.

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Software tool for Dynamic Analysis of 2D portal frames and trusses. Dynamic Analysis of Structures.

2D Frame Analysis-Dynamic Edition

Software applicaiton for the static and dynamic (time history) analysis of frames and trusses. Modal analysis using advanced algorithms with fast convergence and modal shapes are represented graphically. The dynamic loads can be easily defined by the user at each time step. The software uses optimized finite elements and features a powerful solution engine. After the completion of the analysis, the user can automatically produce a rich calculation report with the data (tabular and pictures) of the geometry, loads, dynamic properties and results for all nodes and elements.

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Pre-processing features
  • Top quality graphics rendering
  • Full GUI including zoom, pan, grid, snap options
  • Every user action can be done graphically at real time
  • All major measure units are included. Immediate switch to other measure units during work is supported.
  • Rapid model creation (members, loads, supports etc) in a user friendly environment with many graphical features
  • Embedded library with major steel section shapes
  • Definition of custom beam sections
  • Embedded library with major materials (wood, steel, concrete)
  • Definition of custom materials
  • Easy, unteractive modification of the material properties
  • End release option at specified degrees of freedom (all types of end releases are supported)
  • Interactive application of vertical and horizontal distributed loads on elements
  • Application of time dependent loads at each time step graphically (only in dynamic edition available)
Post-processing features
  • Calculation and drawing of the deformed shape of the given model
  • Analytical view of the results of analysis, the geometry, the static model, the loads etc.
  • Drawing of axial - shear force diagrams and bending moment diagram
  • Scaling to above diagrams and the deformed model interactively
  • Internal forces calculation at each location along the members
  • Stress calculation at the top and bottom section fiber along each member
  • Graphic representation of every model parameter (internal forces, moments, displacements, rotations, reactions) vs. time
  • Drawing axial - shear force and bending moment diagrams at each time step
  • Drawing of deformed shape at each time step
  • High quality analysis reports with all analysis results, including stress, internal forces and displacements diagrams, as well as drawings of the static model, its deformed shape and the axial-shear forces and moment diagrams
  • Professional looking analysis report can be created and exported to pdf, rtf, xls and xml formats
  • All model data are exported to access database

In order to meet the demands of the greatest variety of our users, 2D Frame Analysis package ships in three different modes. Every single mode utilizes all above mentioned features regarding pre- and post-processing but has different analysis capabilities.


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