Software Library for the design of steel connections according to Eurocode 3

EC3 Steel Connection Design Library. Powerful object-oriented design library for steel connections according to Eurocode.

SDK library for steel connection design to Eurocode 3

Check of rotational capacity and calculation of rotational stiffness are some features that make this library unique

EC3SteelConnectionDesign library is a complete design library for checking/designing steel connections according to Eurocode 3, Part 1-8. Since it is fully developed following an object based model, EC3SteelConnectionDesign can be easily integrated to a third party UI. Alternatively, it can cooperate with ENGISSOL 3D Frame Analysis Library and EC3/8 Design Library and as a result form a full analysis and design application.

EC3SteelConnectionDesign library implements all required checks for all connection types supported by Eurocode and provides an analytical design output with all results per design load combination ordered in an investigative way.

The main advantages of EC3SteelConnectionDesign library lie in its ability to check, besides the strength of the connections, its rotational Capacity under the given loads and provide the expected rotational stiffness of the connection. Therefore, the library provides also details on the classification of the given joint regarding its resistance or stiffness, according to Eurocode’s provisions. Such features, in combination with the numerous supported connection types and the details of the design procedure, make EC3SteelConnectionDesign library exclusive.

A list of the features of EC3SteelConnectionDesign library can be found below:

  • Object based entities (elements, joints, loads, results etc are treated as objects)
  • Use of all steel grades supported by Eurocode
  • Use of all standard bolt types of any bolt grade supported by Eurocode
  • Handling of normal and oversized holes
  • Check of all geometric requirements of Eurocode (edge distances, weld thickness etc)
  • Check/design of all bolted and welded connection types supported by Eurocode
  • Classification of connections according to their stiffness/strength
  • Calculation of rotational stiffness
  • Rotational capacity check
  • Check of welds
  • Results are reported comprehensively and in an investigative form per design load combination
Supported connection types

EC3SteelConnectionDesign supports 19 different basic connection types. Each basic connection type is generic can be further parameterized in order to cover other sub cases of relative connections. In this way, all connection types covered by Eurocode are supported.

In brief, following basic connection types are supported:

  • Beam to column connections
  • Beam to beam connections
  • End plate connections
  • Fin plate connections
  • Double cleat connections
  • Simple connections
  • Splice connections
  • Bracing connections
  • Column base connections
  • Hollow section joints

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