3D Frame Library
Initialization of a frame super element

Namespace:  Frame3D
Assembly:  Frame3D (in Frame3D.dll) Version: 1.0.3731.28669 (


public FrameSuperElement(
	int _index,
	SuperNode _StartingNode,
	SuperNode _EndingNode,
	Geometry..::.XYZ _PointInPlaneXY,
	Material _Material,
	FrameElementSection _Section,
	MemberReleases _StartingNode_Releases,
	MemberReleases _EndingNode_Releases,
	bool _LumpedMassMatrix,
	bool _ConsiderShearEffect
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Sub New ( _
	_index As Integer, _
	_StartingNode As SuperNode, _
	_EndingNode As SuperNode, _
	_PointInPlaneXY As Geometry..::.XYZ, _
	_Material As Material, _
	_Section As FrameElementSection, _
	_StartingNode_Releases As MemberReleases, _
	_EndingNode_Releases As MemberReleases, _
	_LumpedMassMatrix As Boolean, _
	_ConsiderShearEffect As Boolean _
Visual C++
	int _index, 
	SuperNode^ _StartingNode, 
	SuperNode^ _EndingNode, 
	Geometry..::.XYZ _PointInPlaneXY, 
	Material^ _Material, 
	FrameElementSection^ _Section, 
	MemberReleases^ _StartingNode_Releases, 
	MemberReleases^ _EndingNode_Releases, 
	bool _LumpedMassMatrix, 
	bool _ConsiderShearEffect


Type: System..::.Int32
Index (must be unique)
Type: Frame3D..::.SuperNode
Starting node object
Type: Frame3D..::.SuperNode
Ending node object
Type: MathLib..::.Geometry..::.XYZ
A 3d point in global coordinate system that lies on the plane xy of the local system of the element
Type: Frame3D..::.Material
Material object
Type: Frame3D..::.FrameElementSection
Section object
Type: Frame3D..::.MemberReleases
Released dofs of starting node
Type: Frame3D..::.MemberReleases
Released dofs of ending node
Type: System..::.Boolean
True to create a lumped mass matrix during dynamic analysis
Type: System..::.Boolean
True, if shear work will be considered (Timoshenko element)


It is used for the placement of the member about its longitudinal axis (x)

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